Home Copyright © 2011 LEOtrainer all rights reserved. Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to act.  ~Proverbs 3:27 Home 1-855-POLICE-8 Diversity Videos Trans-gender Police Officer The Sikh Religion Mexican Culture Hindu Religion Islamic Religion & Culture Asian Cultures Puerto Rican Culture Christian Comedian Brad Stein provides a good example of controversial topics to use in your classroom.  Consider playing a video like the one above and open up the discussion to your class. Play the video above for another  controversial way to open several topics . This is the original interview with Professor Henry Gates Jr. That started the nationwide debate on race after President Obama added his opinion. Sergeant Leon Lashley was also on the scene when Professor Gates was arrested. He is an African-American officer but no one in the media seemed to care what he thought. He was very critical of Professor Gates and President Obama. We must teach our law enforcers to be themselves when carrying out their duties, and treat everyone with the same respect.  This video shows them exactly how NOT to do it. One more controversial comedian to help get you started with a class. The Rescue Me cast goes to Diversity training after someone makes a sexist comment. The Rescue Me cast discusses racial hiring practices over lunch. Crimes Domestic Crimes 2 Diversity Forensics Ethics Technology Survival