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Gavin de Becker speaks about unwarranted fear to a group of architects. He stands behind the lectern and refers to his notes. Even though, he effectively uses gesturing, dramatic pauses, and eye contact to connect with the audience. He also uses natural humor but doesn’t try to become a stand up comic.

His example standing behind the lectern as well as the information he presents during his talk are valuable for to you as a police instructor. More information is available at

The next two videos are of Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman (Ret.) Delivering a keynote address to a group of soldiers, firemen, and law enforcers.  You will see he does not use notes and does not stand behind a lectern. His style is quite different from Mr. de Becker. The Lt. Colonel is from the south, talks about Jesus, and still says “Hooah” like any good soldier should. He has a specific style and it works quite well for him.

The Lt. Colonel gestures constantly throughout his presentation to get his message across to the audience, and he moves from the stage into the audience to make a powerful point. He is not afraid to use humor and will tell a joke or two about his home state of Arkansas, but you won’t hear him bash the audience. He is a Jedi Master when it comes to using dramatic pauses, and he shows sincerity in everything he says.

He is a great model for any instructor to follow . Find out more at

The videos below will help you connect the tips from the book with real life examples.

Speech Design & Delivery Worksheet - for use with the Police Instructor handbook

The videos and resources on this page will provide you with an interesting array of examples and ideas to develop your own dynamic style of delivery. There is more information available on the design and delivery skills necessary for a police instructor on our Speech Delivery page.

Police Instructor  can become a valuable ally for presentations skills and the book provides you with a detailed set of principles to develop confidence and deliver dynamic presentations.

Presentation & Platform Skills has great examples of public speaking and presentation design.

Dynamic Delivery Flip Charts Tips