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The resources below can provide the inspiration and creativity to build dynamic presentations and slide shows. Use them as a starting point for a lesson plan or to enhance a PowerPoint presentation you already teach. Many of these resources compliment the Active Learning Exercises outlined in the Police Instructor book.

Police Topic Resources Human  Relations Missing Missing Kids Investigation Handbook Child Safety Handbook Missing Person Investigation Guide CA Legal Topics Diversity Topics Diversity Values Worksheet Chinese Moms are Better than American Moms Ohio Village Sued for Racism by LEOs Who was Haym Solomon Who was Kareem Kahn Research on Police Women Dayton PD Black History Black History Month is Outliving Its Usefulness? Investigation Interview & Interrogation Juvenile Justice Columbine Fact Sheet Juvenile Protection Juvenile Risk Factors for Violence Sexually Assaulted Children Transfer to Adult Court Juvenile Traumatology Generation Why Comparison Chart Teen Drugs & Violence Meet Generation Why Training Patrol Topics Gang Colors Flyer DEA Drugs of Abuse Guide Drug Use Arrestee Study Hidden Hands Research

Techniques like Tactical Training Squads, Campfire Cops, Judge & Jury, and Police Briefing can be used with any topic you teach to academy cadets or law enforcers. Once you understand how to use these methods you will see the added bonus offered by the resources below. If you find a valuable resource for fellow instructors E-mail LEOtrainer and we will add it to this page.

Criminal  Profiling Rookie Topics Recruit Training from Academy to Field Our Oath of Office 10 Rookie Errors Rookie News 1 Rookie News 2 Rookie News 3 Rookie News 4 Rookie News 5 LEO Suicide Prevention Field Training Officer Christian Law Enforcement

More Resources